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Market news Stocks Drop After August Gains

U.S. stocks fell Tuesday, with losses pulling the S&P 500 index below the 2000 level in intraday trading.




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Thursday 08-28-2014

As Obama Settles on Nonbinding Treaty, "Only a Big Movement" Can Take on Global Warming

As international climate scientists warn runaway greenhouse gas emissions could cause "severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts," the Obama administration is abandoning attempts to have Congress agree to a legally binding international climate deal. The New York Times reports U.S. negotiators are crafting a proposal that would not require congressional approval and instead would seek pledges from countries to cut emissions on a voluntary basis. This comes as a new U.N. report warns climate change could become "irreversible" if greenhouse gas emissions go unchecked. If global warming is to be adequately contained, it says, at least three-quarters of known fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground. We speak to 350.org founder Bill McKibben about why his hopes for taking on global warming lie not in President Obama’s approach, but rather in events like the upcoming People’s Climate March in New York City, which could mark the largest rally for climate action ever. "The Obama administration, which likes to poke fun at recalcitrant congressmen, hasn’t been willing to really endure much in the way of political pain itself in order to slow things down," McKibben says. "The rest of the world can see that. The only way we’ll change any of these equations here or elsewhere is by building a big movement — that’s why September 21 in New York is such an important day."

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Cardinal Points -ED Cardinal Bull Dozer Health Incorporated 06 - 24 - 2014

This week we meet Wendy Love Edge of BullDozer Incorporated

Wendy Love Edge is the founder and creator of Bulldozer Health Inc., a healthcare reform initiative that seeks to empower, educate, support and inform people about their health choices. Wendy was working for 25 years in a health care field when she became very sick herself and was told she was going to die on three separate occasions. Believing the doctors, she did everything they said. She soon found herself bulldozed on 16 medications. When she changed her mind and started using alternative health, minimal pharmaceutical intervention, exercise and good nutrition, her health improved Now she is asking us all to take back our health!

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Remixing Reality - Art and Literature for the 21st Century
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Remixing Reality - Art and Literature for the 21st Century

ArtLiteratureMusicQuotationRealityRemix.What is it:
For decades, literary critics have been questioning the relevance of the novel as a literary form, with some going so far as to declare its death. But if the novel is dead, it’s not clear what new form can take its place. Should we treat the popularity of the memoir as a sign that what readers want is more truth, less fiction? Or is the memoir, like ‘reality TV,’ mostly just fiction dressed up as fact? In these fragmented times, when everything has already been said or done before, can there be any truly original innovations in art and literature? Or is the demand for originality itself an antiquated idea? John and Ken mix it up with David Shields, author of Reality Hunger: A Manifesto. This program was recorded live at the First Congregational Church in Portland, Oregon.

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Health & Wellness

Heart Medication Digoxin Linked to Higher Risk of Death for Some

    By Steven Reinberg, HealthDay News

Increase seen in people with certain abnormal heart rhythms, study finds.

Digoxin, a drug that's been used to treat heart problems for about 200 years, might increase the risk of dying in certain patients.

New research suggests that for people who have a particular type of irregular heart rhythm, called atrial fibrillation, taking the drug digoxin may increase the risk of dying by more than 20 percent.

"We found in 122,000 patients with atrial fibrillation, those treated with digoxin were more likely to die [during the study period] than patients prescribed other medications," said lead researcher Dr. Mintu Turakhia, an assistant professor of cardiology at Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, Calif.

Although the current research found an association between the drug digoxin and a higher risk of death for people with atrial fibrillation or flutter, the study does not show that the drug caused the higher risk of death.

RELATED: 7 Hidden Dangers for People With Atrial Fibrillation

However, Turakhia thinks the risk may be the result of digoxin causing other dangerous abnormal heart rhythms.

"Even though you are being given a drug to slow down your heart rate in atrial fibrillation, it may be causing other problems with your heart that may increase the risk of death," he said.

Digoxin is made from extracts of the foxglove plant, also called digitalis. It has long been a standard treatment for atrial fibrillation, according to background information in the study.

Given that there are other treatments for atrial fibrillation, Turakhia wonders why digoxin should be the treatment of choice for these patients. "There are other safer drugs out there," he said.

Safer alternatives may include drugs known as beta-blockers or calcium channel blockers, Turakhia said. "These have never been tied to an increased risk of death or major concerns with safety," he said.

Turakhia thinks patients taking digoxin for atrial fibrillation should talk with their doctor about possibly switching to another medication.

    A debate over the merits of eating less salt escalated when one of the most comprehensive studies yet suggested cutting back on sodium too much actually poses health hazards

Sodium is an essential nutrient

Sodium is the main component of salt but they are not the same thing. Salt’s chemical name is sodium chloride. Sodium regulates blood pressure and blood volume and affects other such crucial processes as muscle and nerve function.

High levels are associated with cardiovascular risk

New research suggests intake over 6,000 milligrams a day is associated with increased risk of death, heart attack, stroke and heart failure. And there is broad consensus that people with high levels of dietary sodium should reduce it, especially if they have high blood pressure.
Current guidelines call for very low levels

U.S. guidelines promoted by the Food and Drug Administration and other agencies call for daily consumption lower than 2,300 milligrams. The American Heart Association recommends a 1,500-milligram daily cap in sodium intake.

Americans eat a lot of sodium

Current average daily intake in the U.S. is 3,400 milligrams, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than 75% of dietary sodium comes from food you buy in supermarkets or restaurants; another 12% comes naturally in food; the rest is from the salt shaker.

Reducing intake to low levels hasn’t been shown to produce a benefit

A new global study from Canadian researchers suggests daily intake below 3,000 milligrams is associated with a 27% higher risk of death or serious cardiovascular event within nearly four years.  A report last year from the Institute of Medicine failed to find evidence that compliance with intake below 2,300 milligrams reduces risk of major problems from cardiovascular disease.



RNW news

World's Largest Ice Sheets Melting At Fastest Rate Ever Recorded

Greenland and Antarctica are home to the two largest ice sheets in the world, and a new report released Wednesday says that they are contributing to sea level rise twice as much as they were just five years ago.

Using the European Space Agency's CryoSat 2 satellite, the Alfred Wegener Institute from Germany has found that western Antarctica and Greenland are losing massive amounts of ice.

"Combined, the two ice sheets are thinning at a rate of 500 cubic kilometres per year," said glaciologist Dr. Angelika Humbert, one of the authors of the AWI study, in a press release. "That is the highest speed observed since altimetry satellite records began about 20 years ago."

The report, published in the online magazine The Cryosphere, says the CryoSat 2 satellite measured over 200 million elevation data points in Antarctica and 14.3 million in Greenland to track the loss of ice mass over the last several years. "When we compare the current data with those from the ICESat satellite from the year 2009, the volume loss in Greenland has doubled since then," said Humbert. "The loss of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet has in the same time span increased by a factor of three."

Somewhat encouragingly, the East Antarctic Ice Sheet is gaining mass. However, those gains are very modest and don't make up for the loss of ice in West Antarctica and Greenland. Greenland is losing 350 cubic kilometers of ice annually, mostly from its southwestern coast, and accounts for almost 75 percent of the total volume lost each year. Together, the flows from Antarctica and Greenland could cover the entire Chicagoland area with 600 meters of ice each year.


Vermont highlights more electric car chargers
Posted: Jul 07, 2014 10:41 AM EST Updated: Jul 07, 2014 10:41 AM EST

MIDDLESEX, Vt. (AP) - It's getting easier to drive an electric vehicle through Vermont between Montreal and Boston.

Top state officials and the head of the state's largest electric utility inaugurated a new vehicle charging station in Middlesex, halfway between the Canadian border and New Hampshire.

One of two stations can charge a car nearly full in 45 minutes.

Gov. Peter Shumlin says it's a big step toward the creation of an electric vehicle corridor between Montreal and Boston.

Officials say electric vehicles cost the equivalent of about a dollar a gallon to drive.

Access to a full network of charging stations is critical since many electric-only vehicles have a short range.

Currently there are 27 charging stations in Vermont with another 15 planned.


North Dakota's Latest Fracking Problem

North Dakota is forced to burn off 30% of the natural gas produced from fracking in the Bakken Shale as infrastructure and regulations struggle to keep pace with its oil boom.

Food-Waste Recycling Faces Hiccups

More states want to recycle their food waste instead of dumping it into landfills, but they have run into a snag: The infrastructure needed to turn huge quantities of table scraps into fertilizer or electricity isn't ready.

Tesla's Clever Patent Move Is Already Paying Off

Tesla may already be reaping the rewards of freeing up its patents.

Four days after CEO Elon Musk offered most of his company’s patents to rivals in hopes of cultivating a bigger electric car market, Nissan and BMW are “keen on talks” to cooperate on charging networks, the Financial Times reported on Sunday.

That pretty much validates why the Silicon Valley company freed up its patents in the first place: Tesla wants its superchargers to become the industry standard.

That way, other companies will use and enlarge Tesla's existing network of 97 charging stations that currently dot a path across the continental United States, making it more and more feasible to swap fuel-burning cars for battery-electric ones, even for long-distance travel.

White House Plans Another Big Climate Push

WASHINGTON -– One year after President Barack Obama rolled out his climate change action plan, the administration is putting fresh emphasis on its environmental agenda.

The White House plans to host two roundtable discussions this week on the economic threats that climate change poses and the "opportunities to overcome those risks," a White House official said in an email Monday night, which emphasized the potential costs of not addressing planet-warming emissions.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew and White House leaders also plan to meet with billionaire climate activist Tom Steyer and former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson on Wednesday to discuss a report they will release this week titled, "Risky Business," which assess the economic costs of climate change. Steyer and Paulson are the co-chairs for the report.

Steyer, a former hedge fund manager turned environmental activist, has pledged to spend $100 million backing political candidates who support action on climate change through his political group, NextGen Climate Action. He has focused much of his political work on opposing the Keystone XL pipeline, which the Obama administration is considering for possible approval.

Lew, White House advisers John Podesta and Valerie Jarrett, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration head Kathryn Sullivan and Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate on Tuesday will meet with insurance industry representatives on climate impacts.

Obama himself will address the annual dinner of the League of Conservation Voters on Wednesday night. Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz and Secretary of Interior Sally Jewell plan to speak earlier Wednesday at an event sponsored by the League of Conservation Voters. The group is the biggest electoral spender among environmental groups.



Out in the Movies !!!   

August 29-31, 2014


Weekend Report:

Weekend Report: 'Guardians' Becomes Biggest Movie of the Summer

by Ray Subers
Guardians of the Galaxy

August 24, 2014

After trailing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the past two weeks, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy moved back in to first place this weekend.

In the process, Guardians of the Galaxy passed Transformers: Age of Extinction to become the highest-grossing movie of the Summer at the domestic box office.

Among the newcomers, If I Stay had a solid debut, while Sin City: A Dame to Kill For imploded.

The Top 12 earned $102.5 million this weekend. That's up 14 percent from the same frame last year.

Guardians of the Galaxy eased 32 percent to $17.2 million. It has now earned over $251 million, and by Friday it will pass fellow Marvel movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($259.8 million) to become the top grosser of the year. It also now seems likely that Guardians will end its run with over $300 million.

In second place, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fell 41 percent to $16.7 million. Through 17 days, the movie has earned $145.5 million, and is on track to finish with at least $175 million.

Playing at 2,907 locations, If I Stay took third place with $15.7 million. That's a step up from Charlie St. Cloud ($12.4 million) and last weekend's The Giver ($12.3 million). It's also worth noting that it opened on par with One Direction: This is Us ($15.8 million), which was released around the same time last year and was also targeted toward younger women.

As expected, the audience did wind up skewing young (61 percent under 25) and female (77 percent). While If I Stay did receive a solid "A-" CinemaScore, it's the kind of movie that tends to fall off quickly after opening weekend; a final total around $40 million seems likely.

Let's Be Cops was crushed by critics, but moviegoers seem to be in to it: the comedy eased 39 percent to $10.8 million this weekend. To date, it has earned $45.1 million.

High school football drama When the Game Stands Tall rounded out the Top Five with $8.4 million. That's a bit lower than recent sports movies Million Dollar Arm and Draft Day, but is still essentially in the same (low) range.

It received an "A-" CinemaScore, and should play to family audiences for the next few weeks. Look for a final total around $25 million.

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For opened in eighth place with just $6.32 million. That's down a stunning 78 percent from the original Sin City's debut. Excluding his first movie, El Mariachi, this is the third-lowest debut of director Robert Rodriguez's career (Machete Kills and Shorts were worse).

During the nine-year gap between the first and second Sin City, a few key things happened. First, the comic book aesthetic that made Sin City so unique has been cribbed by many other movies; ironically, some of the most obvious imitators are fellow Frank Miller projects 300 and The Spirit. What was once a fresh approach now has a "been there, done that" feel to it.

Adding to this is the fact that director Robert Rodriguez's brand has taken a bit of a hit in recent years. Specifically, Rodriguez has had a tough time selling sequels: Spy Kids: All the Time in the World was off 66 percent from its predecessor, while Machete Kills was down 70 percent.

The movie also had a fairly light marketing effort: anecdotally, many people seemed surprised to learn that the movie was in theaters this weekend.

Finally, it's worth considering whether or not the first Sin City was actually as well-liked as it appears to be. The movie received good reviews and has a spot on IMDb's Top 250 list, but that sampling could be inconsistent with more general views on it.

Looking ahead, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For seems poised to fall off quickly. It's not going to close anywhere near $20 million, and could even fall short of $15 million.

Weekend ending 08-31-2014

1  1  Guardians of the Galaxy  BV  $17,077,000  -0.7%  3,462  +91  $4,933  $275,374,000  $170  5
2  2  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)  Par.  $11,902,000  -28.8%  3,543  -321  $3,359  $162,558,000  $125  4
3  3  If I Stay  WB  $9,300,000  -40.7%  3,003  +96  $3,097  $29,862,000  $11  2
4  N  As Above/So Below  Uni.  $8,606,000  -  2,640  -  $3,260  $8,606,000  -  1
5  4  Let's Be Cops  Fox  $8,275,000  -23.5%  3,010  -130  $2,749  $57,397,000  $17  3
6  N  The November Man  Rela.  $7,880,000  -  2,776  -  $2,839  $9,580,000  -  1
7  5  When the Game Stands Tall  TriS  $6,000,000  -28.4%  2,673  -  $2,245  $16,670,000  $15  2
8  7  The Giver  Wein.  $5,253,000  -18.4%  2,805  -198  $1,873  $31,526,000  $25  3
9  9  The Hundred-Foot Journey  BV  $4,809,000  -9.9%  1,918  -26  $2,507  $39,604,000  $22  4
10  6  The Expendables 3  LGF  $3,606,000  -44.4%  2,564  -657  $1,406  $33,245,000  -  3


Latest top News courtesy of our Radio National News Provider Irn 



News from this week.!!! 


John Kerry: U.S. To Push For Coalition To Fight 'Cancer' Of Islamic State

WASHINGTON, Aug 30 (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said the United States will use a NATO summit next week to push for a coalition of countries to beat back incursions in Syria and Iraq by Islamic State militants who are destabilizing the region and beyond.

"With a united response led by the United States and the broadest possible coalition of nations, the cancer of ISIS will not be allowed to spread to other countries," Kerry wrote in an opinion piece published in The New York Times on Saturday.

Public anger over the beheading of American journalist James Foley has led President Barack Obama to consider military strikes against Islamic State targets in Syria. So far, the United States has limited its actions to the group's forces in Iraq.

The militant group, also referred to as both ISIS and ISIL, has seized about a third of each country and declared a caliphate, a reference to an Islamic state ruled by a caliph, which indicates a successor to the Prophet Mohammad, with temporal authority over all Muslims.

UN Condemns U.S. Police Brutality, Calls For 'Stand Your Ground' Review

GENEVA, Aug 29 (Reuters) - The U.N. racism watchdog urged the United States on Friday to halt the excessive use of force by police after the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white policeman touched off riots in Ferguson, Missouri.

Minorities, particularly African Americans, are victims of disparities, the U.N. Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (CERD) said after examining the U.S. record.

"Racial and ethnic discrimination remains a serious and persistent problem in all areas of life from de facto school segregation, access to health care and housing," Noureddine Amir, CERD committee vice chairman, told a news briefing.

Teenager Michael Brown was shot dead by a white police officer on Aug. 9, triggering violent protests that rocked Ferguson - a St. Louis suburb - and shone a global spotlight on the state of race relations in America.

Magnitude-6 Earthquake Hits Northern Pakistan

PESHAWAR, Pakistan (AP) — A magnitude-6 earthquake struck northern Pakistan on Sunday, authorities said, though there were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

Pakistan Meteorological Department official Mohammad Shahid said people felt the quake in Peshawar and Islamabad. He said its epicenter was in the Hindu Kush mountains on the country's border with Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

The U.S. Geological Survey described the temblor as a magnitude-5.1 quake that struck in Afghanistan, some 280 kilometers (170 miles) northeast of the capital, Kabul. Such conflicting data is common immediately after an earthquake.

Pakistan and the region, along an active continental plate boundary, is often hit by earthquakes. In September 2013, a magnitude-7.7 quake struck Pakistan's Baluchistan province, killing at least 376 people.

Gas drops by a penny per gallon in Mass.

BOSTON (AP) — Gasoline prices in Massachusetts continue to decline, although more slowly than they have been. 

AAA Southern New England reports Tuesday that a gallon of self-serve, regular has fallen by a penny in the past week to $3.44. 

That’s 1 cent higher than the national average but 12 cents lower than a month ago. The current Bay State price is also 21 cents lower than at this time last year. 

AAA found self-serve, regular selling for as low as $3.29 per gallon and as high as $3.89.

3 Massachusetts colleges sue state

AP | 0 comments

BOSTON (AP) — Three Massachusetts colleges have sued the state Department of Revenue, claiming the agency unfairly denied them millions of dollars in tax credits for environmental cleanup work done on contaminated properties. 

Northeastern University, Boston University, and Wellesley College said the state essentially changed its own rules when it rejected the schools’ applications for the credit, in a complaint filed in Superior Court. 

The state agency said it had no comment when contacted by The Boston Globe (http://bit.ly/1ustT9X ). 

The lawsuit centers on the state’s Brownfields Tax Incentive program, which offers tax credits to property owners who perform environmental cleanup work on former commercial and industrial properties left contaminated by the previous occupants. 

The program was created in 1998. In 2006, the Legislature amended it to allow nonprofit organizations, such as colleges and universities, to claim the credit. Nonprofits do not pay taxes but can claim the credits and sell them to companies or individuals looking to reduce the taxes they owe. 



Local news ++++  Courtesy of the Sun Chronicle and the patchand abc6

Endorsements roll in for Republican primary candidates in Attleboro state rep race

ATTLEBORO — With the state primary election less than a week away, endorsements are starting to roll in for the Attleboro state representative race.

Bert Buckley has been endorsed by Mayor Kevin Dumas in his Republican primary.

“Bert Buckley is a friend and well respected in the community. He cares about Attleboro and is always willing to volunteer his time to help the city,” Dumas said. “I fully endorse him to be our next Attleboro State Representative.”

Buckley’s competition in Tuesday’s primary election is Jeff Bailey, who received two endorsements of his own.

Bailey is being backed by Citizens for Limited Taxation and a group working to repeal the automatic increase in the gasoline tax. Bailey has been deeply involved in the repeal effort.

“We need to put people like Jeff Bailey in the state Legislature to continue the fight for the income tax rollback and to block any attempt to impose new taxes. Jeff has also taken the taxpayer protection pledge,” Francis “Chip” Faulkner, director of the CLT political action committee, said.

  The winner of the Bailey-Buckley primary will face incumbent Rep. Paul Heroux, D-Attleboro, in November.

Vigil held for missing West Warwick girl last seen almost two weeks ago

WEST WARWICK, R.I. - Khia Lake's family and friends gathered for a vigil Monday night in hopes the missing 14-year-old West Warwick girl returns home.

”I wish that she could see it.  I don't think she realizes how many people care about her,” her mother, Serenity Fague, told NBC 10.

About 75 people gathered for the vigil at the Gazebo on Main St. in the Artic section of West Warwick.

Lake hasn't been seen in nearly two weeks, since it's presumed she left home through a window on August 20.

Since then, police, friends, and family, have been looking for her.

“Just really horrible.  I just want to know that she's safe, she's ok somewhere,” Fague said.
“We want to bring more attention to the situation.  We'd like everybody to know that she's missing and to keep their eyes and ears open,” Waltonen said.

Those in attendance were asked to take fliers and spread them around.

“I just want her to come home or at least contact somebody and let us know she's ok.  I've been a teenage girl.  I know how crazy it is and how confusing things can be.  So I'm going to understand whatever made this happen.  She can come home.  We all just love her and want her to be safe,” Fague said.

Massachusetts launches 2-month tax amnesty program
Posted: Sep 01, 2014 12:03 PM EST Updated: Sep 01, 2014 12:03 PM EST
By Associated Press

The amnesty program covers all major tax categories. The amnesty program covers all major tax categories.

Labor Day marks the launch of a two-month tax amnesty program in Massachusetts.

The state Revenue Department says residents who owe taxes face no penalties if they pay during the period that begins Monday and ends Oct. 31

About 300,000 people will be receiving notices in September indicating they are eligible.

The amnesty program covers all major tax categories - individual income tax, withholding tax, sales tax, meals tax and others.

The amnesty will not be extended to some taxpayers, including those who are the subject of a tax-related criminal investigation or prosecution.

Food Recall: Kraft Singles
Posted: Sep 01, 2014 11:39 AM EST Updated: Sep 01, 2014 11:39 AM EST
By NBC 10 News

Kraft American Singles Kraft American Singles

Kraft Foods is voluntarily recalling over 7,000 cases of Kraft American Singles, according to a press release posted on the Food and Drug Administration website.A supplier didn't store an ingredient used in the singles in accordance with Kraft's temperature standards, the press release explained. This could possibly create conditions that would lead to premature spoilage and food-borne illnesses.

The recall is issued as a precaution. Kraft has not received any consumer complaints about the product yet.

The cheese product was shipped to customers across the US.

These are the types under the recall:

12 oz.12 oz Kraft American Singles (16 slices) Best if used by: 20 FEB 2015 and 21 FEB 2015

16 oz.16 oz Kraft American Singles (24 slices) (36 count case) Best if used by: 20 FEB 2015

16 oz.16 oz Kraft American Singles (24 slices) (12 count case) Best if used by: 20 FEB 2015

64 oz.64 oz (4 lb) Kraft American Singles (4x24 slice) Best if used by: 20 FEB 2015

For more details you can go to FDA.gov




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Top Story
Patriots part ways with three veterans

FOXBORO - With the Patriots due to reduce their roster to 75 players on Tuesday, coach Bill Belichick has apparently started the process a few days early.

According to a report by ESPN's Adam Schefter, the Patriots released three long-tenured veterans on Sunday - defensive linemen Tommy Kelly and Will Smith and linebacker James Anderson.

It has been Belichick's practice in the past to treat veteran players that don't fit into his plans with enough respect to release them early, thus giving them the chance to hook on with other teams and have enough preseason practice time left to prove themselves.

The surprise is Kelly, 33, who joined the team last year after his release from the Oakland Raiders. Kelly had 21/2 sacks before suffering a torn ACL in the fifth game of the year. He had played 50 snaps in this preseason and was seen as a capable veteran complement to Vince Wilfork in on the defensive line.

Kelly, in his 11th NFL season, played his first nine for the Raiders and had not missed a game in five straight seasons before suffering the knee injury last year.



   Famous Quote Said On September 2
The entire Vietnamese people are determined to sacrifice their lives and property in order to safeguard their independence and liberty.
Ho Chi Minh, 1945

Today's TRivia Question

Question: Which cosmetics company is named after the birthplace of William Shakespeare?

Answer:   Avon



September 2 Birthdays

Mark Harmon turns 63
Salma Hayek turns 48
Keanu Reeves turns 50
Anton Zaslavski turns 25
Katt Williams turns 41
Charles Trippy turns 30
Tamra Barney turns 47
Terry Bradshaw turns 66
Spencer Smith turns 27
Eugenio Derbez turns 52
Christa McAuliffe (1948 - 1986)
Lennox Lewis turns 49
Joey Barton turns 32
Erin Hershey turns 38
Adolph Rupp (1901 - 1977)
Jonathan Goldstein turns 46
Yani Gellman turns 29
Nikki Taylor Melton turns 17
Eric Dickerson turns 54
Romare Bearden (1911 - 1988)
Linda Purl turns 59

September 2 History

1991 - Baltic States independence recognized

1987 - West German pilot Mathias Rust goes on trial in Russia

1963 - U.S network televisions first half-hour weeknight news broadcast is CBS Evening News

1945 - Vietnam: independence from France

1901 - Vice President Theodore Roosevelt utters the famous phrase, "Speak softly and carry a big stick" at the Minnesota State Fair.

 This Day in Business
1969 - The first ATM machine goes into service - at Chemical Bank in Rockville Center, New York - changing the banking industry forever.

 This Day in Entertainment
1995 - The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame opens in Cleveland, Ohio

 This Day in Geography
1990 - Transnistria proclaimed as Soviet republic; Gorbachev declares this decision void.

 This Day in Sports
1990 - Pitcher Dave Stieb pitches first ever no hitter in history of Toronto Blue Jays

September 2nd Holiday
National Day (Vietnam) - Celebrates Vietnam gaining independence from Japan and France in 1945.



Don Pardo, Iconic Voice Of 'SNL,' Dies At 96

TV and radio announcer Don Pardo — best known as the iconic voice behind  “Saturday Night Live” —  has died at the age of 96.

PARDO: “It’s Saturday Night Live." (Video via NBC)

Pardo's resonant voice got him a job working for NBC in 1944.

PARDO: “Live at 5 is a presentation of WNBC in New York. I’m Don Pardo.”

Throughout his long career with the network, Pardo lent his voice to game shows, including “Jeopardy,” "Wheel of Fortune," and “The Price is Right.”

In 1963, he was one of the first on television to tell the nation that President John F. Kennedy was shot.

“President Kennedy and Governor John Connally of Texas have been cut down by bullets in downtown Dallas.” 

Pardo had done voice work for some 30 years before Lorne Michaels hired him in 1975 to work for “SNL,” known then as “NBC's Saturday Night.” The gig easily made him one of the most recognizable voices in television history.

PARDO: “The last line was always “This is Don Pardo saying … This is Don Pardo speaking…I loved that." (Video via Archive of American Television)

It wasn't long before his booming voice became synonymous with the show. Michaels told The New York Times: “Every year the new cast couldn’t wait to hear their name said by him.”

After four decades with the show, he retired from full-time announcing duties in 2004. Saturday Night Live has continued using his intro, with Pardo occasionally doing recordings from his home.  

In 2010, he became the first TV announcer to be inducted into the Television Hall of Fame.

His daughter told reporters, Pardo died peacefully in his sleep Monday evening at his home Tucson, Arizona. He is survived by his five children.

James Jeffords, Senator Who Quit GOP, Dies At Age 80

James Jeffords, the former Vermont senator who controversially left the Republican Party in 2001, died Monday at a military retirement center in Washington. He was 80 years old.

The Burlington Free Press first reported the news.

Jeffords is best known for his high-profile departure from the GOP and decision to caucus with the Democrats in 2001. His move to become an independent shifted the balance of power in the chamber, which had been 50-50 Republican and Democrat.

One of the biggest factors behind the switch was the GOP's refusal to fully fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, a bill he voted in favor of as a member of the House back in 1975.

The Washington Post called Jeffords' departure "one of those rare singular moments" when one lawmaker could change the arc of politics, adding it: ​"served to highlight the feud between the still-dominant conservative wing and the increasingly marginalized moderate faction of the Republican Party."

In 2005, Jeffords announced he would not seek a fourth term in office, bringing an end to his 18-year run in the Senate. Jeffords cited both his and his wife's health problems as a factor in his decision.

His wife Liz passed away in 2007. Jeffords is survived by his two children, Leonard and Laura.

Manhunt Underway For Man Tied To Theft From MH370 Passengers
The search continues for a third suspect involved in stealing money from the bank accounts of four passengers on Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the plane that vanished in March.

CNN says officials are trying to find Ali Farran, a Pakistani man who, according to a Malaysian investigator, "worked as a car mechanic" for playing a role in the theft.

A translation of the official police report says ​the suspect had "no previous criminal record" and there's "no indication that he escaped abroad."

The Pakistani national is believed to have been in cahoots with two other suspects, "an HSBC bank officer and her husband," arrested Thursday and now in police custody.

Malaysian officials say the couple used internet banking to transfer the equivalent of about $10,000 from the accounts of two Chinese passengers and two Malaysians on the flight to a fifth account managed by Farran.

An HSBC spokesperson has apologized to the victims' families and said "There will be no losses on these accounts."

Meanwhile, the Malaysian government said earlier this month the investigation into the disappearance of Flight MH370 has not yet come to a close.

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Warren Truss recruited Dutch company Fugro Survey for an underwater mission to try and track the plane down.

"The underwater search element will commence in August and take about 12 months to complete ... which includes vessels fitted with search equipped including towed sonar systems."

The underwater surveyor plans to send out two vessels to scour a 60,000 square-kilometer radius in the southern Indian Ocean to search for any remains. Flight MH370 carried 227 passengers and 12 crew members.

In March, Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 reportedly became the largest and longest search mission for a commercial plane in modern aviation history.

Chinese Hackers Steal 4.5M U.S. Hospital Patient Records

As headlines about hacking and potential spying continue to roll in, you may be starting to wonder if anywhere is safe for your personal and financial data.

Back in June, reports revealed you could have put yourself at risk of having your credit card info stolen just by eating dinner at a P.F. Chang’s. (Video via Los Angeles Times)

And in December 2013 news broke that more than 100 million customers had their financial data swiped just because they picked up a few items at Target. (Video via Bloomberg) 

Well, now there’s a new place to no longer feel safe — while you’re laid up in a hospital bed.

According to reports Chinese hackers may have stolen the personal data of more than 4.5 million patients of hospitals run by Franklin, Tennessee-based Community Health Systems.

That company operates some 206 hospitals in 29 states — most of those in rural parts of the southeastern U.S.

According to an SEC filing from the company, the information that was stolen includes “non-medical patient identification data related to the Company’s physician practice operations,” from the last five years.

Or, as USA Today reports, “names, addresses, birth dates, telephone numbers, and Social Security Numbers.”

You might notice, that doesn’t include credit card data, or medical history records — and according to Re/code, at this point, the purpose behind the attack is not entirely clear. Which makes it a little different from most hacks.

As Fox Business notes: “The attack is a departure from many recent breaches in which hackers, many of whom reside in Eastern Europe, snag personal information and sell it on the cyber black market.”

But, it’s still perhaps no less dangerous. The BBC quotes the Director of Security Research at cybersecurity firm Tripwire saying, "This is the information needed for identity theft to allow criminals to open accounts in the names of the 4.5 million victims."

After discovering the hack, which reportedly happened between April and June of this year, Community Health Systems hired security firm Mandiant to investigate.

And the company has some experience investigating Chinese hackers. Last year it issued a report on alleged Chinese hacking of U.S. companies by a group known as “Unit 61398” that reportedly went back as far as 2006.

The U.S. Department of Justice has since indicted five members of that group for stealing trade secrets.

Mandiant is yet to determine if this hack may have been perpetrated by that “Unit 61398,” but did say they believed it was carried out by Chinese hackers.

Tiny Satellites, Like The One Tossed From ISS, On The Rise

Tiny Satellites, Like The One Tossed From ISS, On The Rise
(Image source: NASA)

BY Steven Sparkman

Most of us probably have a mental picture of what it's like to put a satellite into orbit: a dedicated rocket launch, stage separation, the slow unfurling of the solar panels. (Video via NASA)

How far we've come. Monday, a Russian cosmonaut on board the International Space Station put a satellite into orbit with about the same amount of effort you'd use to toss your keys onto a table.

During a spacewalk, Oleg Artemyev deployed a Peruvian nanosatellite called Chasqui I by just picking it up and throwing it off the ISS. The satellite is meant to transmit pictures of Earth to Peru's National University of Engineering.

Satellites have been launched from the ISS before, most notably the bizarre SuitSat, a retired space suit outfitted with sensors that was thrown overboard in early 2006.

But Chasqui I and other small spacecraft are part of a big change in the satellite world: the theory that less is more.

Headlines talking up tiny satellites have been around for a couple years now, praising them for "doing the job of older satellites cheaper" and having price tags "in the reach not just of small firms, but also of start-ups and researchers."

A Forbes writer even went with the bold lede, "In the future, everyone on Earth will have ubiquitous access to outer space."

Many small satellites, like the standard 4-inch-square CubeSat, are light weight and rely on off-the-shelf components, pushing the price to get them into space down into the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. That's like one or two potato salads. (Video via European Space Agency)

Hundreds of small satellites are set to be launched in the next few years, though the vast majority won't be delivered by hand from the ISS.

This video contains an image from NASA.


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Word of the Day

    audio pronunciation


: an abnormal desire to eat substances (as chalk or ashes) not normally eaten


Some women suffer from pica during pregnancy.

"Pica is an eating disorder that makes you want to nibble on substances with no nutritional value. Sufferers crave washing powder, cigarette ash, dog food, soil, chalk, ice and raw rice, among other things." — Shenaaz Jamal, The Times (South Africa), June 17, 2014


In Latin, pica means "magpie." The magpie bird is an opportunistic omnivore that characteristically eats just about anything. The eating disorder in which people are compelled to eat nonnutritious substances—such as ice, dirt, hair, or laundry starch—has since the 16th century taken its name from that bird of indiscriminate eating habits. Another pica dating back to the 16th century refers to a 12-point printing type. According to one theory, the name comes from a collection of church rules called "pica" whose close black print on white pages resembled the coloring of the magpie; however, no such collection printed in pica from the 16th century is known.


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