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   Market news:Stocks Open Higher; Apple Rallies

U.S. stocks rose, as a rally in technology bellwether Apple and other upbeat corporate news put the S&P 500 index back in range of a record high.

U.S. Jobless Claims Jump by 24,000 as Layoffs Increase
Indicator Rises after Touching Seven-Year Low Earlier This Month



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This week on Mayo clinic Friday at 1pm

Mayo Clinic Radio: 7 Tips To Prevent Memory Loss

last  Friday April  11

Suicide Prevention (rebroadcast)

The next Mayo Clinic Radio program, Friday April 11, is a rebroadcast from October 2013.

Timothy Lineberry, M.D., and J. Michael Bostwick, M.D., joined us to discuss suicide prevention.  There are an estimated one million suicides worldwide each year but there is hope that number can drop if we understand the scope of the problem and how to find help.  What should you do if someone you know is at risk? How can you help teenagers if they are suicidal?  We also talked about resources for loved ones who are left behind after suicide and discussed the drastic increase in the number of military members who are dying from suicide. Please tune in.



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Exclusive NISSAN CPO Interview


Did you know that the Nissan leaf was the number #1 selling car in Norway? Were you aware that Nissan is positioning itself to become one of the world's dominant producers of EVs?

Well there is so much more to this car manufacturer that you may not know, all very exciting  and very innovative. ReNewable Now caught up with Nissan's Executive Vice President, Chief Planning Officer, Andy Palmer who gave us a rare inside look at this company and what they are doing when it comes to growing with the Green Economy.

If you missed this show click on this linkhttps://soundcloud.com/renewable-now/rnw-electric-vechiles-are-the

From 02-19-2014

Two things we love on the business side of green,entrepreneur ships and electric vehicles .
We have discovered one small start up company in Boston that has come up with a greener and better way to view a lot of the city's major landmarks .
Asaf Magen from Wicked Green tours joined us in this segment of Renewable Now to talk about the small six seater bus he has called a Tuk- Tuk .
The Tuk-Tuk is a nifty little mobile that Asaf describes as a vespa meeting a vw bus .
Asaf is hoping to put a fleet of twenty of these small electric touring units on the roads of Boston . These smaller and more quieter electric vehicles can go on smaller more narrower winding city streets that other vehicles cant fit on . Asaf explains that there were some hurdles in getting this vehicle registered with the state . The difficult registration process was well worth it because they got a taxi permit to start tours in Province town as early as this spring.


We at Renewable Now have been very interested and intrigued by the Earth Policy Institute and the works and ideas of Lester Brown. We took the opportunity to have Jay Matthew Roni stop by and give us some insight of the works and ideals of the Earth Policy Institute.
The Earth Policy Institute (EPI) was founded in 2001 by Lester Brown, the founder and former president of the World watch Institute, to provide a plan of a sustainable future along with a road map of how to get from here to there. EPI works at the global level simply because no country can fully implement a Plan B economy in isolation.

EPI’s goals are (1) to provide a global plan (Plan B) for moving the world onto an environmentally and economically sustainable path, (2) to provide examples demonstrating how the plan would work, and (3) to keep the media, policymakers, academics, environmentalists, and other decision-makers focused on the process of building a Plan B economy.
The Earth Policy Institute influences many business and industries across our vast technological society. This organization is located in the western region of Washington D.C.
Jay Matthew Roni discovered his interest in the environment and economy from reading the works of Lester Brown. Plan A in our environment is doing nothing. Plan B is doing something. We discuss with Jay how the Earth Policy institute researches and works to formulate policy in order to help the world become more sustainable.
Learn more about the Earth Policy Institute and perhaps read some of the books shown there, log on to www.earthpolicy.org.

Listen on Demand click on this link  https://soundcloud.com/renewable-now/2014-rnw-jack-gregg-and-earth


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 *****  CARDNIAL POINTS  with ED CARDINAL Premiers Tuesday at 1pm Feb 11th

We invite you to listen to Cardinal Points every Tuesday from 1-2 pm. Talk Radio with heart and Soul. Your compass to achieving your dreams.

This show will shake the foundation of conventional thinking and teach you to use your own mind to create the life you dream about.

Ed Cardinal, your host, as well as his many guests will share their personal life stories and expertise that will give you the practical tools needed to guide you on your journey to wholeness. Every person on earth has the right to vibrant and dynamic health, deep meaningful relationships, and abundant wealth.

Remember your truth is within you. Now it’s up to you to use your internal guidance system to seek it and live it. *****

This Week on Cardinal Points

Dr. Dale's shares how her Mother's negative experiences with Western allopathic medicine guided her to choose alternative, complimentary treatment for her own cancer as a young adult. This eventually led her to become a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Clinical Nutritionist. Dr. Dale explains that our intuition will assist us in our healing. "We are responsible for our own healing no one else." She then educates us on the role of hormones and how they play a role in our vitality, energy and overall health. Dr. Dale has designed a safe homeopathic alternative to traditional hormone replacement therapies. She defines PsychoNeuroImmunology (PNI), the emotional connection to illness. Dr. Dale states "our belief system (identities) and thoughts affect our health. Perceptions are fueled by identities. Perceptions create your stress and negative experiences and disease is fueled by identities." In 1986 Dr. Dale was exposed to nuclear radiation from the Chernobyl disaster in Russia and became seriously ill. She cured herself completely using homeopathic medicine. She now passes on her knowledge about healing our bodies from the daily radiation exposure we experience. Dr. Dale informs us about how the overgrowth of Candida  in our bodies is prevalent our culture. This is due to our growth hormone and antibiotic laden food, our over use of prescribed antibiotics and women's intake of birth control pills among other things.



Listen to a recent show from Cardinal Points by clicking on this link ..to last week's show

Julianna Ricci, Energy Coach and Healer, shares how her career began as a Marine Scientist and evolved into what it is today. In a nut shell, she says “it is my gift, and my bliss, to guide people, as they become the best of themselves.” She also explains her practice of the ancient Japanese healing energy technique Reiki. We discuss the effects of stress on our bodies. Julianna then talks us through a guided meditation, a practice that allows us to enter into a state of relaxation and inner stillness and a way to manage stress. Our discussion turns to the concept of fear and two books that discuss it, Smile at Fear, Awakening the True Heart of Bravery by Chogyam Trungpa and Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers. Fears can be passed down through physical and social (beliefs) heredity. “You shouldn’t try to cast fear out. Instead use it as kindling to build a big fire of fearlessness.” We agree if you are not experiencing fear you are not growing. The key is to jump into the fear and do it anyway. Even though it is scary you’ll be glad you did.



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  Thursdays at 1:00pm

Today on Philosophy Talk 02-27-2014

The Military: What Is It Good For?

Is the military draft a natural expression of democratic values, or a challenge to our most basic concepts of individual rights and liberties? Are the values that make for an effective military consistent with the values that make for a free and democratic republic? If the government must have the power to defend the nation, does it follow that it must have the power to control events around the entire world? John and Ken enlist Pulitzer Prize winning historian David Kennedy in a discussion of the military and its role in public life, recorded live at the Marsh Theater in San Francisco.

Continue the conversation on their blog:

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Out in the Movies !!!  on film .April21-2014


Weekend Report: 'Captain' Three-peats, 'Heaven' Rises Over Easter Weekend

   Weekend Report: 'Captain' Three-peats, 'Heaven' Rises Over Easter Weekend
by Ray Subers
Captain America: The Winter Soldier

April 20, 2014

Among new releases, faith-based drama Heaven is for Real destroyed Johnny Depp's Transcendence this weekend. Still, it couldn't match Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which held on to first place for the third weekend in a row.

The Marvel sequel added $26.6 million this weekend, which represents a light 36 percent decline. It reached $200 million on Sunday, and should pass Thor: The Dark World in the next few days.

Rio 2 repeated in second place with $22.5 million. Its 43 percent drop was much steeper than the first Rio's 33 percent dip on the exact same weekend in 2011. Through 10 days, the animated sequel has grossed $75.4 million.

Playing at 2,417 locations, Heaven is for Real earned an excellent $21.5 million this weekend. Add in its Wednesday and Thursday grosses, and the faith-based true story has already grossed $28.5 million.

Along with Son of God and God's Not Dead, this is the third faith-based hit in 2014 so far (you could include Noah as well, but that doesn't easily fit in to this paradigm). The success of these movies is a reminder that Christians represent a huge portion of the population in the U.S.: according to a Pew Research survey, around 37 percent of Americans attend a weekly religious service.

Sony targeted their marketing towards Christian audiences, and placed an emphasis on calling ahead for group ticket sales. It doesn't hurt that the book upon which the movie is based is quite popular, and has a story that is both inspirational and faith-affirming (see the title).

The Heaven is for Real audience was 62 percent female and 51 percent over the age of 35. They awarded it an "A" CinemaScore, which suggests word-of-mouth will be strong. Ultimately, it should wind up higher than Son of God ($60 million).

In fourth place, Transcendence bombed with $11.15 million. That's a fraction of recent Depp movies like Dark Shadows ($29.7 million) and The Lone Ranger ($29.2 million). It's also below legendary sci-fi bombs like Stealth ($13.3 million), The Island ($12.4 million) and In Time ($12.1 million).

While it's abundantly clear that Depp's star power has faded in recent years, the failure of Transcendence can't be hung exclusively on his shoulders. Marketing presented some interesting ideas about the future of technology, but was sorely lacking in the story department. It also strangely highlighted director Wally Pfister—a name few would recognize—while leaving executive producer Christopher Nolan out. The nail in the coffin came in the form of particularly nasty reviews (20 percent on Rotten Tomatoes).

The movie's audience was 56 percent male and 56 percent over the age of 25. They didn't like it much more than critics, and it wound up with a "C+" CinemaScore. Considering the toxic environment surrounding this movie right now, it would be surprising if it got past $30 million.



The top-10 domestic weekend box office estimates listed in descending order, per data collected as of Sunday, April20th, 2014, are below.

1  1  Captain America: The Winter Soldier  BV  $26,612,000  -35.5%  3,825  -113  $6,957  $201,526,000  $170  3
2  2  Rio 2  Fox  $22,500,000  -42.8%  3,975  +27  $5,660  $75,363,000  $103  2
3  N  Heaven is for Real  TriS  $21,500,000  -  2,417  -  $8,895  $28,500,000  $12  1
4  N  Transcendence  WB  $11,150,000  -  3,455  -  $3,227  $11,150,000  $100  1
5  N  A Haunted House 2  ORF  $9,100,000  -  2,310  -  $3,939  $9,100,000  $4  1
6  4  Draft Day  LG/S  $5,900,000  -39.7%  2,781  -  $2,122  $19,548,000  -  2
7  6  Divergent  LG/S  $5,750,000  -22.1%  2,486  -624  $2,313  $133,915,000  $85  5
8  3  Oculus  Rela.  $5,202,000  -56.7%  2,648  -  $1,965  $21,191,000  $5  2
9  5  Noah  Par.  $5,000,000  -33.8%  2,537  -745  $1,971  $93,274,000  $125  4
10  7  God's Not Dead  Free  $4,801,000  -13.3%  1,796  -64  $2,673  $48,327,000  $2  5


Latest top News courtesy of our Radio National News Provider Irn 



News from this week.!!!  

Updated Wednesday 04-23-2014

U.S. to Move Troops to Allies Near Russia as Tensions Flare in Eastern Ukraine

Hundreds of U.S. troops are headed for maneuvers in Eastern Europe through year's end, the Pentagon announced, new deployments intended to reassure allies on Russia's borders as violence took a sinister turn Tuesday in embattled Ukraine.

Vice President Joe Biden, in a visit to Kiev, warned Russia to pull back its troops and abide by last week's international agreement or face the certainty of swift new sanctions. Mr. Biden also urged Ukraine's leaders to adhere to democratic principles and respect cultural differences, reassuring them, "You will not walk this road alone." (Read the latest updates.)

Despite Washington's efforts, tensions flared as Kiev accused pro-Russian separatists of torturing and killing two people and of shooting at one of its military planes, prompting a call by the country's interim president for a resumption of what he termed counterterrorism actions to uproot militants.
Enlarge Image

The Kremlin didn't comment on the developments but has complained that Western military moves only serve to raise tension in the region.

Russia Warns Ukraine

Any attack on Russians in Ukraine will be perceived as an attack against Russia, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was quoted as saying, as Ukraine called for a renewal of a stalled military operation against pro-Russian forces.

South Korean president: Ferry crew actions 'murderous'

SEOUL—Prosecutors expanded their investigation into the owner of the sunken South Korean passenger ferry on Wednesday as they struggle to pinpoint the cause of a tragedy a week earlier that has left more than 300 people dead or missing.

Officials from Chonghaejin Marine Co., the operator of the ferry, were banned from leaving the country as investigators raided the offices of the company, its affiliates, the residence of the firm's owner, as well as the other companies he owns.

Prosecutors also collected documents from the Korean Register of Shipping, a government-commissioned inspector that conducted safety checks on the ship earlier this year. The expanded probe is looking into whether regulations were enforced and inspections properly completed on the doomed vessel.

The retrieval operation at the overturned ship continued on Wednesday as the official death toll rose to 150. A further 152 are missing. A spokesman for the coast guard said divers recovered more bodies from the ship's upper decks on Tuesday, most from a multibed economy cabin on the fourth deck. He said they found none in the ship's third-deck canteen as they had expected.

The military planned to use new search equipment, including an underwater robot, for search operations on Wednesday.

After bombs, Boston Marathon under tight security

One year after a pair of homemade pressure cooker bombs killed three people and wounded more than 260 others, turning a day of athletic triumph into one of tragedy, the Boston Marathon returned to the streets on Monday. For the 118th edition of the world's oldest annual marathon, security along the course will be tighter than ever.

"There was considerably more police presence," Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said

Runners attending the event will had to use clear plastic bags for their belongings, and fans hoping to watch near the finish line were encouraged to leave strollers and backpacks behind. More than 100 cameras have been installed along the route in Boston, and 50 or so "observation points" was  set up around the finish line "to monitor the crowd," the Boston Athletic Association said.




Local news ++++  Courtesy of the Sun Chronicle




Yahoo Sports Radio Saturdays from 12noon to 4pm before Cruise Control ..

Brewers win in 14th after early brawl with Pirates


PITTSBURGH (AP) -- Khris Davis delivered a big hit in a game interrupted by a punch-filled brawl, homering in the 14th inning to lift the Milwaukee Brewers over the Pittsburgh Pirates 3-2 Sunday.

Ryan Braun hit a tying home run in the ninth for Milwaukee.

Brewers center fielder Carlos Gomez, Pirates outfielder Travis Snider and Milwaukee bench coach Jerry Narron were ejected after a shouting match quickly escalated into a full-scale fracas in the third.

The problems started when Gomez paused at the plate and flipped his bat to watch his two-out drive off Pirates starter Gerrit Cole. The ball hit the wall and Gomez sped into third base, making a headfirst slide for a triple.

Cole, who was near third base backing up the play, stormed toward Gomez and they exchanged words.

Gomez took a couple steps toward Cole before the benches and bullpens emptied. Milwaukee's Martin Maldonado came from the bench and threw a punch that knocked off Snider's hat.

Snider, who wasn't in the game, and Gomez shoved each other, and the Brewers star fell to the ground. Pirates catcher Russell Martin had to be restrained by teammate Gaby Sanchez as he walked off the field.

Last September, Gomez was in the middle of the bench-clearing brawl after arguing with Atlanta pitcher Paul Maholm while rounding the bases after homering.

The Brewers won their third in a row. Pittsburgh has lost three in a row and five of six.

Davis hit his first homer, connecting for a leadoff shot against Jeanmar Gomez (0-1).

Zach Duke (1-0) pitched two scoreless innings and Francisco Rodriguez got his seventh save.

Cole allowed one run and six hits in a career-high eight innings, striking out six.

Cole appeared to be in line for the win after Jose Tabata's eighth-inning infield single scored Ike Davis to give the Pirates a 2-1 lead. Milwaukee manager Ron Roenicke's challenged the call, but the play was upheld.

Braun hit his sixth homer with one out, giving Pittsburgh closer Jason Grilli his second blown save in as many games.

Mark Reynolds hit his fifth home run, a solo drive in the Milwaukee seventh.

Neil Walker homered for the Pirates in the fourth off Marco Estrada.


Famous Quote Said On April 24
The truth of war is not always easy. The truth is always more heroic than the hype.
Jessica Lynch, 2007

Today's TRivia Question


On the New York Stock Exchange, what company uses the stock ticker symbol "T"?
Twitter Target AT&T Texas Instruments

Answer: Answer: A stock symbol "T" is used to identify the company AT&T Inc. which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. As of May 2013, AT&T is the 21st largest company in the world by market value.



April 24 Birthdays

Kellin Quinn turns 28
Phil Robertson turns 68
Kelly Clarkson turns 32
Caspar Lee turns 20
Barbra Streisand turns 72
Ryan Newman turns 16
Alli Simpson turns 16
Sachin Tendulkar turns 41
Larramie Shaw turns 22
Chipper Jones turns 42
Jordan Fisher turns 20
Cedric the Entertainer turns 50
Shirley MacLaine turns 80
Tyson Ritter turns 30
Jack Quaid turns 22
Ben Howard turns 27
Varun Dhawan turns 27
Lasercorn turns 27
Carlos Beltran turns 37
Reagan Gomez-Preston turns 34
Katherine Webb turns 25

April 24 History

1990 - Hubble Space Telescope is launched from the Space Shuttle Discovery.

1982 - Jane Fonda releases first "Workout" aerobics video

1888 - Eastman Kodak forms

1792 - "La Marseillaise" composed by Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle

1704 - First regular newspaper in US, the Boston, Massachusetts New-Letter, published.

 This Day in Business
1907 - Hersheypark is opened in Pennsylvania by Milton S. Hershey

 This Day in Entertainment
1998 - Elton John becomes Sir Elton Hercules John, after receiving a knighthood.

 This Day in Geography
1957 - Suez Canal is reopened following the Suez Crisis.

 This Day in Sports
1994 - David Robinson has the game of his life when he scores 71 points against the Clippers.

April 24th Holiday
Genocide Remembrance Day (Armenia) - In remembrance of the victims of the Armenian Genocide that took place from 1915 to 1923


Did you know???

George Washington preferred not to shake the hands of visitors. He would bow instead.

In the 1940s, Pepsi adopted a red, white, and blue logo to support America’s war effort.


Word Of the day ..

    audio pronunciation


: tending to break up into parts
: creating disunity or dissension : divisive


The election for class president had a fissiparous effect on the school as students took sides for their favorite candidate.

"In Calvinism: A History, D.G. Hart … shows how Protestantism's fissiparous nature has allowed it to adapt and, in some instances, transmogrify to fit local and personal needs." — From a book review by Michael P. Orsi in the Washington Times (Washington D.C.), December 12, 2013


When it first entered English in the 19th century, "fissiparous" was concerned with reproduction. In biology, a fissiparous organism is one that produces new individuals by fission; that is, by dividing into separate parts, each of which becomes a unique organism. (Most strains of bacteria do this.) Both "fissiparous" and "fission" trace back to Latin "findere" ("to split"). The second part of "fissiparous" is rooted in Latin "parere" ("to give birth to" or "to produce"). Other "parere" offspring refer to other forms of reproduction, including "oviparous" ("producing eggs that hatch outside the body") and "viviparous" ("producing living young instead of eggs"). By the end of the 19th century "fissiparous" had acquired a figurative meaning, describing something that breaks into parts or causes something else to break into parts.

Read more at http://www.merriam-webster.com/word-of-the-day/#TEUbJ5rdSsr1iCZW.99



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Tonight on World in Progress - Gold's cultural cost

SEOUL—Prosecutors expanded their investigation into the owner of the sunken South Korean passenger ferry on Wednesday as they struggle to pinpoint the cause of a tragedy a week earlier that has left more than 300 people dead or missing.

Officials from Chonghaejin Marine Co., the operator of the ferry, were banned from leaving the country as investigators raided the offices of the company, its affiliates, the residence of the firm's owner, as well as the other companies he owns.

Prosecutors also collected documents from the Korean Register of Shipping, a government-commissioned inspector that conducted safety checks on the ship earlier this year. The expanded probe is looking into whether regulations were enforced and inspections properly completed on the doomed vessel.

The retrieval operation at the overturned ship continued on Wednesday as the official death toll rose to 150. A further 152 are missing. A spokesman for the coast guard said divers recovered more bodies from the ship's upper decks on Tuesday, most from a multibed economy cabin on the fourth deck. He said they found none in the ship's third-deck canteen as they had expected.

The military planned to use new search equipment, including an underwater robot, for search operations on Wednesday.

Spectrum: Are you hangry, love?
We visit the German satellite communication and Internet teleporting firm that's been hacked by the NSA and GCHQ, check in on the international struggle to catalog rare genetic diseases, and find out whether you're hangry.


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